The Red Circle is Sherlock's home in Washington DC. Now in our eighth decade, we continue to celebrate his immortality and enjoy each other's company. All are welcome to join us and share our interest in all things Sherlockian and Doylean.

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Red Circle Picnic  As noted in the center box above, we're planning a September 25 picnic at Glen Echo Park. Details are here, and we'll update the page as necessary if there are any changes due to COVID. If you're planning to join in, please press the red button below to send an email to Peter Blau and tell him how many are coming. We're looking forward to getting together in person!
Routes from the Reichenbach captures worldwide audience  The July 10 joint meeting of The Red Circle and The Reichenbach Irregulars of Switzerland boasted some 150 participants from at least 15 countries. It was a grand launch party for the new book from the Reichenbach Irregulars, Sherlock Holmes, Arthur Conan Doyle and Switzerland. Drawn from one of the book's main themes, the program for the day was "Routes from the Reichenbach," as three experts on both Sherlock Holmes and Switzerland's challenging terrain presented their views about how Holmes managed to foil Moriarty's henchmen and travel safely from the falls to Florence after the professor's precipitous plunge from the precipice. The research and creativity of our special guests Eva Iggland, Guy Marriott and Bryan Stone were evident as they each mapped a different route, and their exuberant turns at playing the Grand Game were appreciated by all. In the USA, the book is available from amazon; in Europe it's available from Books on Demand. And, the highly entertaining video of the event is available simply by clicking the screen.
Senter Essay Contest opens  Calling all young Sherlockians in 4th through 12th grades! The Beacon Society tells us that the Joel R. Senter Essay Contest is accepting entries for the new school year. Cash prizes and plaques will be awarded to winners in three age groups. Each entrant must have an adult sponsor, so here's your chance to encourage and mentor youngsters as they make their early contributions to the writings about the writings. All entries are due by February 1, 2022, and complete entry information is here. Let the writing begin!

A Broken Circle  Our friend Randall Stock is well known for his “Best of Sherlock Holmes” lists. Paul Thomas Miller of Portsmouth aims to become just as famous in the opposite direction. His “Doyle’s Rotary Coffin” society was inspired by Will Ferrell’s Holmes & Watson, and features all manner of what he considers Holmes at his worst. Case in point: by mashing together The Red Circle’s namesake story and the popular Christian hymn “Will the Circle Be Unbroken?” Paul offers the music video “The Red Circle Will Be Broken.” You’re invited to watch and listen here.


Sherlockian Societies info and interactive map are featured on the new and extremely useful website from the Beacon Society. Most Sherlockians know that the Beacon Society focuses its light on bringing the exploits of the Great Detective to young people. To advance that cause--and to provide an excellent resource for all Sherlockians--the Beacon Society's new website includes great information about Sherlockian societies along with a map pinpointing active groups and giving contact information for each. The Sherlockian Society page is here, and the home page for the new website is here.
Red Circle Pins Available  The pin has been proudly worn all over the Sherlockian world, from Rockville to the Reichenbach, so Red Circle members (which includes everyone who's ever been to a meeting) will treasure having their own. The price is $14.95 each, which includes shipping anywhere. Send an email to Tom Fahres to order.
Scuttlebutt: One Fixed Point in a Changing Age  Our own Peter E. Blau's monthly Scuttlebutt from the Spermaceti Press has endured for some 50 years, and has a permanent home right here on our website. It's the most remarkable collection of Sherlockian news and notes anywhere, and your webmaster recommends a monthly visit. The very latest edition is available now, as are past numbers. It's just a click away--use the "Scuttlebutt" button at the top of the page.
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